A future title shot is on the line at AEW All Out’s Women’s Casino Battle Royale.

All the competitors drew random numbers in an effort to determine when they would get to the squared circle and face off with the other competitors. One of the wrestlers announced is the Bunny as she looks to make a lasting impression even though her record is not that impressive. She will most likely be accompanied to the ring by the Blad but probably not the rest of the Hardy Family Order since they are booked for the pre-show of the pay-per-view. She screams a lot as she stands out in this field of excellent women athletes in the battle royale that includes Big Swole, Nyla Rose, and Thunder Rosa. Nyla Rose is managed by Vickie Guerrero and she won a battle royale two years ago. Now, all wrestlers are coming into the Porn World Discounts match with more experience under their belt. They are definitely going to prove their trustworthiness so that it would raise the stakes for everyone involved.


It is doubtful any expert has named the Bunny as the person who is going to win the AEW All Out battle royale for a future title shot.

They are probably right but don’t worry though because she is still young and has a long way to go. In fact, she won her last match against Tay Conti which is actually huge because Conti is a past number one contender for theĀ Watch4Beauty coupon title but she lost her chance which is too bad.


It is amazing how AEW is putting out all the stops to become the number one wrestling company in the world as we have seen with the arrival of CM Punk.

Reports are now swirling at how Daniel Bryan is going to make his debut in the event. Of course, there is the surprise entrant of the Joker in the battle royale. If reports are correct, it is going to be Ruby Riott as she has posted tons of hits on her social media accounts which would be huge for the company.


The Bunny has herself an ally in Penelope Ford. Both women are extremely hot and very athletic.

Whether they use those talents to their advantage remains to be seen as we are just a mere few days away from the huge pay per view so make sure you place your order. Who would want to refuse a future world title shot against current champion Britt baker? Past winners have taken advantage of their victories and etched their names in stone for the rest of their lives. Besides, that is one that they are good at and they would love to show the whole world what thisĀ Virtual Taboo discount is about. It is really about making it all work for everyone involved and you are trying to make it sound a bit too difficult but the Bunny has used underhanded tactics in the past so she can have something up her sleeve here.